My new book “The Promise: a perilous journey” is available at Archway Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Googlebooks, ebay, Goodreads, and other sites. It is also available directly from me via the payment button below.

Archway publishing

Please let me know what you think of the book. Good, bad, or somewhere in the middle. No matter how you feel, thanks for your support.

Listen to my radio interview


Purchase The Promise: a perilous journey

Paperback 337 pages: Regular price $21.99: Cost $19.00 (includes free shipping). Contact me with your name and address for shipping. Thanks.



One thought on “Books

  1. Great radio interview on author’s hour last week. Wayne appreciated my book. As soon I as get the recorded session I’ll post it.
    The Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA) will be publishing my short story “Adversity and Prosperity: shadows of one another” in their upcoming Anthology.


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