The Promise: Discovering Their Gifts

My new book The Promise: Discovering Their Gifts is at Amazon and Stillwater Publishing. It’s the second in a series (it helps to read my first book The Promise: A Perilous Journey before this one).


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were an adolescent boy or girl and you were given the incredible gift of invisibility? And suppose you could heal animals and people but you couldn’t tell anyone? In this second book of The Promise series, two ordinary brothers, Peter and David Wilson, from a rural town in New England, and eventually a beautiful young girl from Brazil, are given these gifts and more. But special gifts often require extraordinary sacrifice. No one—friends, school mates, even Mom and Dad—can know of these remarkable abilities. For if they do, their gifts will vanish in an instant.
Is the cost of this secrecy too high? Can they juggle everyday life with their newfound talents? Travel with these special youngsters and learn from their mysterious mentors in a magical adventure as they use their amazing powers to help save the beleaguered earth.

“The tale has a timely environmental message made more exciting by the theme of developing special powers”. —Kirkus Reviews

Hank Ellis is no stranger to environmental issues. Gaining his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in natural science and wildlife management and working for an environmental agency for thirty-two years has made him aware of the many problems faced by all people living on this planet. His desire to help young people awaken to the mystery of creation and find their own special gifts is his motivation for writing this book.

Joseph Zarek has been drawing and painting for over fifty years. Since graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in 1996 he has been passionate to use his art to make a difference in people’s lives. He says his motivation to become part of this story was the story itself—a desire to open young minds to the precious beauty all around us and the urgent need to protect it.

Book one — The Promise: A Perilous Journey
A branch of a crashing tree pierces the ground and leaves a hole to a void below. This is all it takes for brothers Peter and David Wilson to explore the unknown—a cavern hidden from the world for millennia. The boys’ dreams, persistence, and determination will solve many riddles, but their carelessness may be their ending. The adventure to meet the man called Eli is perilous indeed, but the gifts they are offered may be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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